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Councillor Derek John Osborne

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Member's photo
Party: Conservative
Ward: Rickinghall and Walsham (2 member)
Elected: 03/05/2007

Pen Picture:
Address: Grove Cottage
Palmer Street
Bury St Edmunds
IP31 3BZ
Home Telephone: 01359 258930
Work Telephone:
Mobile: 07860 366679
Web Site: http://derek.osborne@midsuffolk.gov.uk
NOTE: The council is not responsible for any information
contained on members' personal web sites.

Party Representation History

PartyElected DateLeftWard
Conservative 19/05/2006 Rickinghall and Walsham (2 member)
Conservative 03/05/2007 Rickinghall and Walsham (2 member)

Outside Representations

This person does not currently hold memberships on any external bodies.

Committee Membership History

Full CouncilMember28/04/2016
Joint Staff Consultation CommitteeMember28/04/2016
Joint Scrutiny CommitteeVice-Chairman28/04/2016
Mid Suffolk Scrutiny CommitteeVice-Chairman28/04/2016
Full CouncilVice-Chairman20/05/2015
Joint Staff Consultation CommitteeMember20/05/2015
2014 - 2015
Mid Suffolk Scrutiny CommitteeMember25/04/2014
Joint Scrutiny CommitteeMember25/04/2014
Full CouncilVice-Chairman25/04/2014
Planning Referrals CommitteeMember25/04/2014
Development Control Committee 'A'Member25/04/2014
2013 - 2014
Full CouncilMember26/04/2013
Planning CommitteeMember26/04/2013
Development Control Committee 'A'Member26/04/2013
Joint Scrutiny CommitteeMember26/04/2013
MSDC Scrutiny CommitteeMember26/04/2013
2012 - 2013
Corporate Grants Working GroupMember27/04/2012
Environment Policy PanelChairman27/04/2012
Community Policy PanelMember27/04/2012
Full CouncilMember27/04/2012
Statement of Accounts CommitteeMember27/04/2012
Joint BDC/MSDC Standards CommitteeMember27/04/201225/04/2013
Licensing CommitteeMember27/09/201225/04/2013
Executive CommitteeMember25/04/201225/04/2013
2011 - 2012
Corporate Grants Working GroupMember19/05/2011
Full CouncilChairman19/05/2011
Statement of Accounts CommitteeMember19/05/2011
Community Policy PanelMember19/05/2011
Environment Policy PanelMember09/11/2011
Corporate Grants Working GroupMember20/05/2010
Environment Policy PanelMember20/05/2010
Licensing CommitteeMember20/05/2010
Full CouncilMember20/05/2010
Planning Referrals CommitteeMember20/05/2010
Planning Control Committee 'B'Member20/05/2010
Statement of Accounts CommitteeMember20/05/2010
Corporate Grants Working GroupMember21/05/2009
Licensing CommitteeMember21/05/2009
Full CouncilMember21/05/2009
Planning Referrals CommitteeMember21/05/2009
Planning Control Committee 'B'Member21/05/2009
Statement of Accounts CommitteeMember21/05/2009
Environment Policy PanelMember14/05/2009
Scrutiny CommitteeMember15/05/2008
Licensing CommitteeMember15/05/2008
Full CouncilMember15/05/2008
Planning Referrals CommitteeVice-Chairman15/05/2008
Planning Control Committee 'B'Vice-Chairman15/05/2008
Statement of Accounts CommitteeMember15/05/2008
Corporate Grants Working GroupMember15/05/2008
Planning Referrals CommitteeVice-Chairman17/05/2007
Planning Control Committee 'B'Vice-Chairman17/05/2007
Licensing CommitteeMember17/05/2007
Full CouncilMember17/05/2007
Scrutiny CommitteeMember17/05/2007

Annual Declarations Of Interest

No summary declarations of interest have been uploaded for this person.

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